Threats To Internal Validity. Experimental Strategy And Essay-Writing

Threats To Internal Validity

Campbell and Stanley point out that adherence to experimentation dominated the field of education through the 1920s (Thorndike era) but this gave way to great pessimism and rejection by the late 1930s. However, it ought to be noted that a departure from experimentation to composition…

Which Are WIDA Standards? Are They Any Good For English Learners?

WIDA Standards

What Does WIDA Stand For? World-class Instructional Design and Assessment is the abbreviation of WIDA. WIDA Standards are criteria intended to help quantify the academic progress of English language learners. Keep reading for more information on these standards and how they’re used in the classroom….

What is Service Learning And Why is it Important?

service learning

According to Vanderbilt University, service learning is defined as: “A kind of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students attempt to achieve real goals for the community and deeper knowledge and skills .” Wikipedia describes service learning: “An…

Socratic Seminar: Building a Culture of Student-Led Discussion

Socratic Seminar Questions

During my nine years as a high school language arts teacher, I have refined a decisive plan called the Socratic seminar. This sort of student-led discussion based on Socrates’ approach of student inquiry instead of teacher lecture elicits student ownership, profound thinking, critical questioning, academic…

What Is A First Generation College Student?

What Is A First Generation College Student

The term “first generation college student” will be thrown around a lot by teachers and policy makers. However, what does the word mean? Does a first-generation college student come from a home where neither parent earned a college diploma? Imagine if at least one parent…