The Importance of Reading

Reading is nothing new. It goes all the way back to writings on cave walls and papyrus scrolls. Today we are inundated with images and sounds as the internet can bring the world into your home. However, the importance and benefits of reading have not gone away. Whether you are an old-school page-turner or a Kindle user, reading every day has benefits.

Reading Exercises Your Brain

Your brain needs as much exercise as your body. This is especially important for warding off cognitive decline as you age. You can read non-fiction to learn new things, or go for entertainment by poring through an exciting Daniel Handler novel. What matters is that you are using your mind to interpret collections of words.

Reading Imparts Valuable Knowledge

Few things are as truly rewarding as learning. Watching YouTube videos has become a popular way to gain knowledge. It’s easy and there is some value to it. However, many of these videos are put together by people with little expertise in the topic they are discussing.

Writers, such as author Daniel Handler, generally have years or even decades of experience behind them before they put pen to paper. The knowledge acquired from books also tends to stay with you better. It takes more effort to read words and that helps them to stick. Watching a video, your mind wanders easily, diverting attention.

Reading Improves Your Focus

Focus is important in your work, in your family, and for pretty much everything. Reading daily helps to improve concentration and makes you less likely to be distracted by any of the many outside stimuli you encounter every day.

No matter how advanced technology becomes, reading will always have great value and benefits for those who take the time to do so. Make an effort to read each day. Doing so before going to sleep is a great idea.