The Benefits of Pursuing an Online Doctor of Education Degree

An online education degree allows students to work around their jobs, families, and other commitments. It also opens the door to nearby schools that might not offer traditional programs. Educator-leaders are needed to drive change within organizations. An online EdD program helps you prepare to lead. This program focuses on leadership concepts in practice and research-informed decision-making.


An online education doctorate program at UIUC College of Education allows students to study from anywhere, anytime. It removes the need to attend classes every week physically and allows students to learn at a pace that works with their work and family commitments. While campus-based programs offer unique benefits, such as building career connections with classmates and professors, online options often provide greater flexibility. Students can take courses asynchronously, log into class sessions via prerecorded videos, and access course materials whenever they choose to study. This type of flexibility is ideal for busy professionals who need to take time off from their careers to pursue a graduate degree. It also opens up several programs to prospective students who live far away from schools offering the right degree in their field. An online degree is also an excellent option for students who prefer practical coursework geared toward finding solutions to real-world problems. The coursework is typically more practitioner-based than Ph.D. studies, and program instructors have usually spent time in the fields they teach.


A quality online doctoral program will feature a dynamic curriculum that is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest educational advancements and trends. When evaluating programs, look for schools offering specialized educational leadership and organizational change concentrations. A doctorate in education prepares students to lead at any level of the educational system, from kindergarten through college. An online Ph.D. in education will help you gain the skills to advance your career and make a difference in students’ lives, whether as an administrator or teacher. An excellent online EdD program will offer a personalized experience by allowing you to work closely with instructors and fellow students. Some universities offer a hybrid online EdD in learning and organizational change, allowing students to develop mentor-apprentice solid relationships with faculty members and attend two one-week on-campus summer residencies to interact with their professors and peers. In addition, many of the best online EdD programs will provide easy-to-use online platforms and real-time tech support.

Time Management

Achieving a doctorate requires time, dedication, and effort. By earning an online education doctorate, students can study on their schedules. This is an incredibly beneficial option if you work full-time or have other commitments like family obligations. While you may have to meet course deadlines, you can log on to class when it fits your schedule best. Some people hesitate to pursue an EdD online because they want to avoid face-to-face interactions with professors and fellow students. Moreover, most online programs have flexible course load options. You can enroll part-time to accommodate your schedule or complete a more accelerated course of study. The time it takes to complete an online education doctorate program depends on your enrollment status and area of specialization. Programs that require dissertations typically take longer to complete than those without. However, some accelerated-track programs can be completed in just three years.


As online education grows in popularity, finding top-rated programs has become more accessible. However, students should remember that online doctoral programs involve rigorous academic studies and a dissertation. Most will take three to four years to complete a full-time program. However, many of them are offered in an accelerated format. While the coursework in an EdD degree focuses on the theory behind leadership and learning, it also gives students practical experience. This allows them to apply what they learn in the real world as they tackle problems at their organizations or within their communities. Online education is an excellent option for working professionals who must fit their doctoral studies around other obligations. However, it is essential to consider what your goals are before deciding on an online or face-to-face program. This will help you choose a program that will give you the most benefits for your time and effort. Then, you can be on your way to an exciting new career that will make a difference in the lives of students and other community members.


If you want to take a more significant step up in your career but want to stay in the workplace, an online EdD program may be the right fit. These programs are designed with working educators in mind and offer much flexibility. Most classes are taught online, and students can study when they can. In addition, students in these programs can often finish their degrees quicker than their on-campus counterparts. Students who attend full-time can usually graduate in as little as three years.

Moreover, many online programs also provide opportunities for students to gain experience by participating in research internships or other projects. These experiences can give students a leg up in the field and help them find a job after graduation. Another benefit of an online educational doctorate is that students can often apply for scholarships and grants. These are typically more available for graduate students than undergraduate students and can help cut the cost of a Ph.D. In addition, many people who work in education can qualify for student loan repayment programs that reduce or eliminate their debt.

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